Couples Therapy in Oakland, CA

(also called couples counseling or marriage counseling)

In couples counseling I create a safe, trusting environment which helps you and your spouse or partner get to the root of the difficulties in your relationship. I can help you discover and understand the hidden fears and worries that often lie below the surface of your conflicts. You will also learn productive ways of talking about these concerns with each other. By being able to communicate effectively about these highly charged emotional issues and by listening carefully to your partner’s communication, each of you improves understanding of yourself and also of your partner. In this manner, you both become able to more effectively work together in making decisions and promoting a greater feeling of satisfaction and intimacy in your relationship.

Being in a relationship can be one of the sources of great joy as well as a tremendous challenge in life. Frequently, without knowing it, you and your partner may be bringing problematic behaviors, beliefs and expectations into your relationship. These difficulties often appears in times of stress or significant life changes, such as birth of a child, infertility, career changes or relocation to a new community. Problems which you have been unable to communicate about for months or years can lead to cycles of being adversarial or withdrawn. You may not know how you got into this, wish you could resolve these difficulties, but don’t know how to achieve that goal.

In relationship or couples counseling, I can help you with:

  • Recapturing the loving and joyful feelings which brought you together originally
  • Improving communication
  • Resolving conflict
  • Enhancing intimacy
  • Collaborating as parents
  • Negotiating life changes, such as marriage, child birth, infertility, “empty nest,” blended families, and career changes
  • Deciding to reunite after separation

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Dr. Dori Dubin is a Therapist and Psychoanalyst offering Individual Therapy, Marriage Counseling and Psychoanalysis at her Oakland, California office. Conveniently located near the Rockridge BART station, Dr. Dubin sees clients from all over the East Bay Region including Oakland, Berkeley, Rockridge, Albany, Alameda & Contra Costa County.

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