Consultation for Therapists

I offer case consultation to licensed psychotherapists ranging from those newly engaged in private practice to seasoned clinicians. During consultation, I provide a safe place to discuss clinical work and to process the intellectual and emotional challenges, which are an on-going aspect of being a therapist. I am particularly interested in helping therapists integrate the complex and divergent modern psychodynamic and psychoanalytic points of view so as to discover new ways of listening and deepening their work. This approach promotes growth in theoretical flexibility and clinical technique.

My Teaching Interests Include

Listening carefully for unconscious communication: developing skills in monitoring the therapist’s emotional connection to both the patient’s and the therapist’s own internal states.

British Object Relations, Middle School, Bion, and Intersubjective theories: learning how to combine both intrapsychic and intersubjective techniques in listening and interpretation.

Psychoanalytic Couple Psychotherapy: using psychoanalytic thinking about couple relationships and couple psychotherapy as well as the socio-cultural mileu to deepen skills in working with couples.

Mind-body issues: working with physical ailments, psychosomatic states, mind-body dissociation and fostering integration of the psyche-soma.

Early mental states: recognizing and learning how to work effectively with pre-verbal anxieties.

My Teaching Experience Includes

Psychotherapy with Couples Facing Midlife and Aging

NCSPP Annual Psychoanalytic Couples Psychotherapy Event
Conference Speaker, Berkeley, CA

Effective Interpretation in the Presence of Primitive Anxieties

Faculty, Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology, Berkeley, CA

Faculty, The Psychotherapy Institute, Berkeley, CA

Visiting Scholar, Holy Names University, Oakland, CA

Study Group Leader, Psychoanalytic Study Group, Oakland, CA

The Mind-Body Continuum: Contemporary Psychosomatic Notions

Faculty, Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California, San Francisco, CA

Study Group Leader, Psychoanalytic Study Group, Oakland, CA

Seminar Leader, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Group, San Francisco, CA

The Body as the Vehicle for Expressing Internal Conflict:
Trichotillomania, Binge Eating, and Other Forms of Bodily Acting-in

Faculty, Psychiatry Grand Rounds Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Berkeley, CA

Guest Lecturer, Mc Auley Institute, St. Mary’s Hospital, San Francisco, CA

Faculty, The Psychotherapy Institute, Berkeley, CA

The Mind-Body Space: Creating a Psychic Skin for the Analytic Couple

Seminar Leader, National Conference of the Committee on Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work, Chicago, IL

Speaker, Committee on Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work, San Francisco, CA

Graduation Paper, Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California, San Francisco, CA

Object Relations Theory: Fairbairn, Klein, Winnicott, and Bion

Faculty, The Psychotherapy Institute, Berkeley, CA

Psychological Aspects of Secondary Infertility

Speaker, Resolve Annual Symposium, Oakland, CA

Anger and Infertility

Seminar Leader, Resolve Annual Symposium, Oakland, CA

Understanding the Emotional Aspects of Infertility

Speaker, Resolve Annual Symposium, Oakland, CA

Using Psychological Consultation in the Care of Hospitalized Patients

Guest Lecturer, Los Medanos Nursing School, Pittsburg, CA

Psychological Impact of Illness and Hospitalization

Instructor, Mt. Diablo Hospital Medical Center In-Service Education Dept., Concord, CA

For more information, please call me at (510) 547-2522

Dr. Dori Dubin is a Therapist and Psychoanalyst offering Individual Therapy, Marriage Counseling and Psychoanalysis at her Oakland, California office. Conveniently located near the Rockridge BART station, Dr. Dubin sees clients from all over the East Bay Region including Oakland, Berkeley, Rockridge, Albany, Alameda & Contra Costa County.

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