Home – Provides an introduction to the mental health options available to individuals and couples – psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and couples therapy. Also educational opportunities are offered for licensed psychotherapists.

About Me – My background including years of experience and clientele served, education & professional affiliations.

Specialties – Treatment specialties, including anxiety, depression, infertility, trauma and difficulties managing work and personal life demands. Services are available in English and French.

Psychotherapy – Describes my approach to individual therapy or counseling and some of the problems it helps you resolve.  How to approach ambivalence about starting treatment.  Explains the advantages of seeing a psychoanalyst for individual psychotherapy or counseling.

Psychoanalysis – Explains how psychoanalysis, an intensive form of psychotherapy, works and some of the problems it is most beneficial for.

Couples Therapy – Describes my approach to relationship/marriage counseling, the transitions or stresses that lead couples to seek help in resolving the problematic cycle of fighting and withdrawing, and the advantages of seeing a psychoanalyst for couples therapy or marriage counseling.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – What is the benefit of seeing a psychoanalyst for individual therapy or marriage counseling? What is the difference between psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis? How long is a session and how long does treatment take? What if medication is needed? How are fees and insurance handled?

Map & Contact – Map and directions for driving from hwy 24 westbound, and hwy 24 eastbound, or for walking from Rockridge BART. Contact Information for Dori Dubin, PsyD.

Consultation for Therapists – Provides information about individual consultation for licensed mental health professionals and describes my teaching experience and interests.


Sitemap – Sitemap.

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